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My background, experience and motivation
Dreamed of being an entrepreneur since I was a child
There is a common joke since the days of the Soviet Union that all Soviet children wanted to become astronauts.
Entrepreneurship was banned in the Soviet Union for 70 years. I was born in 1991 already in a new country and all my childhood I wanted to become an entrepreneur when I grow up. That was truly unusual among my peers.
Life timeline
Every summer as a teenager, I worked as a salesman in my parents' shoe store, learning how to sell
I have launched and closed several startups in high school and university: from a social network for gamers to cross-platform mobile app development and launching an online store
I worked with an IT outsourcer for mobile app development (REDMADROBOT) where I joined as a project manager but left as a top seller, doubling their annual profit
There were 3 e-commerce projects: 1 — selling consumer electronics, 2 more for private label coffee pods selling
Growth marketing agency Shevchenko. bz, the main focus is work with premium and aesthetic clinics (raised our clients annual profit from $ 300k to $ 1.5m), and also managed to help Yandex (this is Russian Google).
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