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Situations in which we will be useful to you
There is a functioning business, and have already reached a visible ceiling in it
The old methods that provided the current state of the business no longer increase revenues
It is necessary to multiply the performance of existing areas or launch new ones
Agency Co-Founder
Grigory Shevchenko
Good ideas put into action will allow business to grow, while bad ideas, on the contrary, will set us back.
In growing a business, the founder may be convinced that any new round of development involves a new idea that will allow their business to grow and outpace the competition. This is partly true, but also not the whole truth.
How to separate the wheat from the chaff in such a case?
These are questions that business professionals have been facing for years. The answer lies in a system commonly referred to as Growth Hacking, or growth teams.

But, as is often the case, realization requires a change in thinking, one’s own and the team’s. We act differently-if we think differently.
And how do you know in advance whether an idea will work or not?
To implement a system of sustainable business growth it is important to
Have a system of analytics to assess the impact of the implemented ideas (hypotheses)
Experiment a lot and quickly
Believe only data, not opinions
Relying more on research than on ideas in your head
Stop thinking in terms of problems and start thinking in terms of hypotheses
Only accept the hypothesis in the format of experiments with the expected result
If we do this, we get an increase in the desired indicator by so much.
Experiment at all stages of the funnel
Ensure a continuous process of testing ideas (hypotheses)
Start by making a marketing plan
Рынок -> реклама -> сайт или социальная сеть -> отдел продаж -> финансы.
You can trust us with all this!
Start with market research, customers, competitors
and creating a marketing plan for your business
What do you get in the end?

A system for sustainable growth of your business based on statistics and facts.
A transparent approach that allows you to improve results and introduces all the innovations in marketing, digital, sales and management.
A team guiding tool and a single measure of performance of all counterparties and employees, united by the goal to increase business performance.
Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to implement Growth hacking from the first month of working together?
We always start with creating a marketing strategy. After that, we start work on implementing the strategy, finalize all the necessary digital infrastructure, and build the end-to-end analytics system needed to make data-driven decisions. In our experience of working with clients, you can start building growth teams after about 3−4 months of work.
Do you conduct training on Growth hacking for outside teams?
As we work together, we always educate the client, employees and contractors about the principles of work and decision-making that guide us. We don't hide anything and are always open to sharing our knowledge and experience.

But if the question is whether we provide training exclusively for your team, so that afterwards you can try Growth hacking yourself, it is better to turn to the Growth Academy training center of Yuri Drogan. We studied with Yuri ourselves in 2019, our joint case study is at the link.
We’ve already tried it, but it didn’t work. What to do?
Introducing growth teams is not worthwhile without having a mathematical culture in the company. We have always loved numbers and trusted data even before introducing growth teams as a basic principle of predictable and sustainable business development. For this reason, the practice has easily caught on in our organization. If it’s the same for you, try it, and if not, we can definitely help.
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Yandex training experts
Instagram account as the basis for future growth of the company's advertising revenue through available outreach channels.

Turn your Instagram account into an effective advertising channel.

  • Tagline Awards 2020-2021. Best special project with bloggers
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HFE Clinic
How did our joint work with the client help the clinic go from stagnation to steady growth and open a second clinic in Moscow?

We increase the revenue of the hair transplant clinic by 1.5 times, and the profit doubled.
Creating an AR mask
to increase conversions
We doubled the number of requests for free consultation with the help of an AR mask
*Instagram is recognized as an extremist organization in Russia.
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