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You’ll understand how much you can earn and how much money you need to invest. And you will find out if it will be profitable to work with our team.
Frequently Asked Questions
What kinds of businesses do you work with?
Our typical client is an SME (small and medium-sized business), which is already doing well in business, and with our help it will get even better.

If you simplify the characteristics of our customers, these are business owners who have already grown themselves to revenues of 150 million rubles a year (or have the desire and resources to do so) and next year want to grow to 250-300 million rubles.

In terms of business types, we have an ethical rule - do not take more than one client from a niche, do not work with forbidden or controversial topics and do not work with those who we know will not be able to help.
How do you work and what services do you provide?
We work as your marketing and development department with a dedicated team. We can build into your current team or do everything ourselves.

Advertising, design, programming, automation - all this you can trust us!
How much do your services cost?
Any cooperation begins with a marketing and digital-strategy. Price: 400,000 rubles. Term: 1 month. Link to service

When the marketing strategy and financial plan are ready and presented to you, we can begin to implement a plan to increase profits in your business:
  1. Team + advertising budget = 3-6 million rubles. Term = 3-4 months.
  2. Subsequently, the team + advertising budget is funded from the new profits of the business.
Expected results for the first year of joint work = 10-30 million rubles of additional net profit.
What guarantees?
The agency is not the first use of the team's talents. The current approach to business development and digital product development adopted by the company is the result of both launching their own startups since 2013 and working with major corporations (Russian and international) and experience in winning industry awards.

When we say we will help a business increase revenue and profits, we rely on accurate calculations created during the work of preparing a marketing strategy and financial model for the next 12 months. Read more about the service

In our calculations, we always rely on the pessimistic scenario, believing that the business must be good, even if everything does not go as planned. We prepare a work plan in advance according to the principle "What to do if everything goes wrong.

This cannot be promised to everyone, because not every business can be helped without a radical change in the business model. So we refuse in advance from projects where there is a high risk that we will not be able to help, or it will be too expensive.

You can use the free business model calculator to check your business for the prospects of working together.
How do I start working with you?
Send us an application and get a quote. If you're happy with it, we'll send you a brief and arrange a joint online meeting.
Why is it better to hire an agency than to have employees on staff?
The agency’s target profitability is 25%, which means that you will pay 1 million rubles for work that would have cost you 750 thousand rubles if you had organized everything yourself. This is a small markup for 10 years of experience in marketing and digital, for the mistakes our team paid for and learned from, and for the processes we built up for working, hiring, training, etc.