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Old methods don't work! Optimizing advertising with artificial intelligence

  • Familiar advertising, but driven by AI
  • Neural networks optimize ads to deliver 6-16x return on ad investment
  • Regardless of your team and without increasing your advertising budget!
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Key Challenges Facing Our Target Audience

  • -1-
    Paid advertising generates a large share of inquiries from clients who are interested but not ready to buy.
  • -2-
    The business has reached its growth ceiling and is not developing further, with new investments in advertising not paying off.
  • -3-
    Advertising that used to work no longer yields the needed results, and it's unclear what to do next.

AI-Driven Ad Optimization:

Achieve 600-1600% ROMI*

Proposed Solution in Three Steps:

  • Step 1
    Integrate advertising and all methods of receiving customer inquiries with CRM, utilizing client ID as an identifier instead of UTM tags to ensure AI-driven advertising optimization.
  • Step 2
    Implement a system for the automatic qualification of all incoming customer inquiries, integrating this scoring data directly into the advertising system for continuous optimization.
  • Step 3
    Transition to a results-based advertising model, focusing on paying for valid inquiries rather than mere clicks or impressions, and leverage AI optimization to minimize low-intent inquiries while boosting those from likely buyers.
*ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment) indicates that a 1000% ROMI translates to $10,000 in revenue for every $1,000 spent on advertising, demonstrating the high efficiency and profitability of your marketing investments.
Maximize ROI with AI-Driven Ad Optimization
Key Benefits of Implementing AI-Driven Solutions:
  • Attract Paying Customers Only: Harness AI to focus your advertising efforts on attracting an audience that is ready and able to make purchases, eliminating wasted spend on unqualified leads.

  • Unified Sales and Marketing Goals: AI optimization aligns the efforts of your sales and marketing teams, ensuring they work towards a common goal without blaming each other for the lack of sales, streamlining operations for maximum efficiency.

  • Turn Marketing into an Autonomous System: Implement an intelligent, AI-based system that operates independently of traditional team constraints, adapting to your business's unique needs and growing your business without the need for constant adjustments or increased ad budgets.

These benefits directly address the primary challenges faced by businesses today, offering a pathway to not just survive but thrive in the current market by leveraging the power of AI for advertising optimization.
Showcasing Our Success: Proven Client Results (1)
Dental Clinic (Implants and Veneers), Dubai

  • Campaign: Google Ads (AI + CRM Optimization) targeting UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman.
  • Conversion Points: Clinic website, Quiz, WhatsApp, calls.
  • ROMI: 1609% (Every 1 AED invested in ads brings 16.09 AED in revenue).
  • CPC: 1.37 AED.
  • CPL: 120 AED.
  • Leads/Day: 15.
  • Lead Quality: A - 36%, B - 53%, C - 7%, Undefined - 4%.
Real Estate Brokerage Agency, Dubai

  • Campaign: Google Ads (AI + CRM Optimization) targeting Canada, Argentina, UK, Italy, France, UAE, Saudi, China.
  • Conversion Points: Website, Quiz, WhatsApp.
  • ROMI: 1550% (Every 1 AED invested in ads brings 15.5 AED in commission revenue).
  • CPC: 4 AED.
  • CPL: 80 AED.
  • Leads/Day: 35.
  • Lead Quality: A - 32%, B - 48%, C - 20%.
Hair Transplant Clinic, Moscow

  • Campaign: Yandex Direct (AI + CRM Optimization) targeting Russia.
  • Conversion Points: Clinic website, Marquiz, WhatsApp, calls.
  • ROMI: 1582% (Every 1 RUB invested in ads brings 15.82 RUB in revenue).
  • CPC: 44 RUB.
  • CPL: 895 RUB.
  • Leads/Day: 60.
  • Lead Quality: A - 31%, B - 40%, C - 29%.
Ticket Sales for Dubai Opera Events, Dubai

  • Campaign: Google Ads (AI + CRM Optimization) targeting Dubai, Abu Dhabi.
  • Conversion Points: Ticketing website.
  • ROMI: 663% (Every 1 AED invested in ads brings 6.63 AED in revenue).
  • CPC: 0.7 AED.
  • CPL: 17 AED.
  • Leads/Day: 50.
  • Lead Quality: A - 72%.

Standard Implementation Process

We conduct customer scoring and have prepared products for all three ABC categories to address the needs of our target audience.

Our approach caters to those seeking a turnkey solution implemented by our team,
as well as businesses prioritizing team training with our support to ensure skill transfer and successful outcomes.
Additionally, we offer a set of instructions for newcomers who prefer minimal commitment, enabling them to understand and delegate implementation within their own business effectively.
Your Path to AI Ad Optimization: Pricing

C: Exploration
Low Commitment, Get eBook
(Instant eBook with implementation instructions emailed)
(No questions asked)
($99 off for further training or implementation)
(One-time payment,
no subscriptions)
A: Full Implementation
Full AI+CRM Adv Optimization Turnkey Solution
(Instant eBook with implementation instructions emailed)
(Interviews to understand marketing infrastructure)
(Within 90 days)
per month
B: Team Training
Train My Marketing Team
(Instant eBook with implementation instructions emailed)
8 weeks of webinars and weekly assignments
(Within 120-180 days)
$750 per week
($3.000 per month)
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