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Increase business efficiency with end-to-end analytics

  • Get a clear end-to-end reporting system for complete control of your business online

  • Find growth points and bottlenecks in your marketing and sales team in a single dashboard and make quick, data-driven decisions.

Who would be suitable for the service?

An end-to-end analytics system is essential for any business that attracts customers from the internet and uses at least one advertising system
Micro and small businesses
To medium and large businesses
It will allow you to track whether your marketing costs are being recouped and make decisions on how to reallocate your advertising budget
Helps to consolidate large volumes of data on all production and business processes of the company for making strategic decisions

How does it work?

Data from all sources that participate in the company's business processes are combined in databases and visualized in dashboards
Example of a scheme for building an end-to-end analytics system

Benefits of end-to-end analytics

  • Clearly shows the effectiveness of advertising expenditures.
  • Helps answer the questions:
  • Which channel is paying off?
  • How can it be scaled?
  • Which channel can be deactivated?
As a result, the system helps you work more efficiently and earn more!

For small businesses, we recommend an end-to-end analytics system based on Alytics or Roistat services

Key benefits
Low price
Rapid implementation
Ease of use
We can offer customized solutions based on your objectives and budget

Stages of work

Implementation time - from 2 weeks
Preparation and analysis
  • Examine your business model and identify key metrics to track
  • Identify channels for attracting customers and traffic to the site
  • Develop a scheme of work for end-to-end analytics
Analytic counters settings
  • Install counters "Yandex. Metrics" and Google Analytics
  • Customize tracking of events and conversions on the site
  • Customize the transfer of necessary parameters to the CRM-system
Customizing integrations
Setting up integrationsCustomize integration with analytics counters, call-tracking service, advertising cabinets and CRM-systems
Data visualization
Customize interactive dashboards with display of all necessary indicators on graphs
Launch and support
  • Train your employees to use the service
  • Provide technical support and enhancements

For medium and large businesses, we create customized end-to-end business intelligence systems based on Yandex CloudProvides reliable storage of data on the basis of Yandex Cloud.

Allows you to securely store, combine and visualize large amounts of data from various sources. Such as advertising systems, analytics systems (including those for mobile applications), CRM and ERP systems, warehouse and financial accounting programs (1C), various reports in Excel at the department level.

What opportunities does the system give to managers?

  • Make strategic decisions based on data
  • See in one dashboard data on all necessary processes and company structures
  • Present data in a timely manner
  • Save time and team resources on report preparation

The Yandex Cloud data platform allows you to:

  • Combine all company data for analysis of any complexity and depth with minimal latency;
  • Host your sites and web services in the cloud for maximum scalability, resiliency and speed.

When working with the platform, the maximum is ensured:

  • data security. It is ensured by their replication and automatic backup;
  • information security. The cloud is placed in secure perimeter of three data centers located in Russia, complying with 152-FZ (the highest level of security UZ-1);
  • visualization speed. Thanks to the built-in integration of the Data Lens BI system from Yandex.
Examples of dashboards
Why entrust it to us?
How to set up analytics using Yandex Cloud and get a convenient business tool that saves employees time and allows track all data?

We set up and automated analytics for the Business Drive Academy project, which helped to get data on key indicators in a convenient way, which made it possible to make decisions on the further development of the project.
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