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Analytics for business with Yandex Cloud

  • Rostelecom approached our team with a request to customize and automate analytics for the Business Drive Academy project
  • The customer wanted a tool that would allow regular monitoring of relevant data in a single dashboard

What goals did the customer want to achieve?

  • The previous team's attempts to customize analytics were not successful. The Google analytics counter used previously collected inaccurate data, and data from multiple sources had to be aggregated manually to calculate the cost per user.
  • Address management's concerns about the vulnerability of data being transmitted through external services
  • Avoid additional recurring fees for various services

The main conditions for choosing the service were:

  • avoid the use of additional paid services in the data chain, in particularly connectors for transferring costs from advertising systems;

  • the tools used should not be at risk of being shut down due to external events (sanctions or blocking).

Choice of tools

To implement the project, we chose Yandex Cloud. The platform meets the customer's objectives and contains a full range of compatible tools from data collection and storage (Yandex.Metrica, ClickHouse) to visualization (DataLens).

Scripts in Python were used to transfer raw data from Yandex.Metrica and AppMetrica to ClickHouse. Also, to avoid paid third-party connector services, they unloaded expenses from advertising accounts using Python.
Yandex.Metrica and AppMetrica have direct integrations with ClickHouse, which greatly simplifies a number of analytics tasks. But the transfer of some of the data we needed, such as expenses or, was not supported by such integrations at the time of work, and we had to resort to writing scripts.

Stages of work

After we decided on the platform, the team started the main stages of work

What did we do?
Installed the counter "Yandex. Metrica" on sites
The project uses 2 websites:
  • A welcoming lending which attracts new users;
  • The main platform with courses, where users get to after registration.
Installed AppMetrica counter in iOS and Android apps
Set up conversions in "Yandex.Metrics"
Which conversions have been emphasized?
  • Conversions to introductory lessons.
  • Conversions to registration.
  • Registration on platform.
  • Lesson views on the platform.
We have configured the transfer of user event parameters
Each person registered on the platform is assigned a unique user identifier (UserID) ➡ Transfer them to Yandex. Metrics" as parameters of visits ➡ Bind them with ClientID of "Yandex. Metrics.
Created a database with the help of Managed Service for ClickHouse inside Yandex Cloud
Wrote scripts in Python
What has been finalized?
  • Transfer of expenses from  "Yandex.Direct" and  "VKontakte" advertising cabinet to  ClickHouse.
  • Data transfer from Yandex.Metrics to ClickHouse.
  • Data transfer from AppMetrica to ClickHouse.
Created a virtual machine through Compute Cloud, downloaded the data transfer scripts and configured them to run regularly
How did you set up regular data upload to ClickHouse?
  • We created a virtual machine with Compute Cloud - a service inside Yandex Cloud for creating and managing virtual machines.
  • Uploaded data transfer scripts to the virtual machine and configured them to run on schedule.
We set up visualization in DataLens so that the client receives the final result of the analysis in the form of a dashboard
During the work created:
  • connection to ClickHouse;
  • datasets and merge data at dataset level;
  • charts;
  • dashboards.
Through the work we ve done and combining the data in ClickNuse with subsequent visualization in DataLens, we ve accomplished the main objective -identifying the sources and cost of registrations in various slices
Visualization in DataLens allowed project managers to:
save team resources when preparing regular reports
Reallocate budget between channels and scale successful advertising bundles
promptly track all key metrics
monitor KPI indicators
Vsevolod Mazov
Head of project analytics
The guys did a great job, doing the job on time, on a turnkey basis and taking care of the operational control and communication with the project team. Thanks to the analytics customization there is no need to collect reports manually — everything is displayed in a single dashboard, which saves time for the team and the manager and allows them to focus on the project development.

I would like to note that from the very beginning, the Shevchenko. bz team offered several implementation options and a clear plan of action. Also in the process, the guys promptly helped to perform several additional tasks on setting up advertising systems. All deadlines were met and it was comfortable to work.
The Yandex Cloud suite of tools is suitable for much more complex scenarios of business analytics of corporate data. Without the risk of the tools and services falling under sanctions and the impact of foreign policy events

The Yandex Cloud data platform allows you to:

  • Combine all company data for analysis of any complexity and depth with minimal latency;
  • Host your sites and web services in the cloud for maximum scalability, resiliency and speed.
In doing so, the maximum is ensured:
  • Data Preservation. Provided by automatic backup and replication of data.
  • Information security. The cloud is placed in secure perimeter of three geographical data centers (located in Russia), complying with 152-FZ (the highest level of security UZ-1).
  • The speed of visualization is due to the built-in integration of the DataLens BI system from Yandex.
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