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The Yandex team has given us the task of launching an Instagram account*

*A resource whose activities are banned in Russia.
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@yandex_experts, aimed at direct communication with the target audience, increasing loyalty to Yandex advertising products and creating a community of market professionals.
Now this profile has found a new round of development and has become a Yandex Advertising Technologies account @yandex.adv
The original hypothesis
Creating a community of professionals in the marketing and business industry will help Yandex:
In attracting new customers.
In increasing loyalty to Yandex advertising products.
In the creation of a community of market professionals.
Target audience
With or without experience of doing business online, interested in digitalization of their own or client’s business.
  • Existing entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
Plan for achieving the goal

Growth in subscriber base
with the help of targeting advertising and advertising from bloggers. Without the use of givens and other similar mechanics.
Creating and publishing content
two-week sprints to allow for flexibility in changes and more experimentation during the pilot (6 months).
Daily collection of statistics
at every stage of audience engagement: from viewing ads to signing up and submitting an application.
Ongoing testing
creatives in advertising to find the main values for the audience.
27-100 thousand

subscribers, based on their actual value.

> 1%

> 5%
Reach rate

> 20%

What did

for the time of the pilot:

  • Developed a design guide.
  • Launched 14 content plans (109 posts, 303 stories, 16 IGTVs).
  • Determined the best rubrics on ER and ERR.
  • We launched a conference with Yandex employees and experts on "How to promote small businesses online" in live broadcasts and IGTV Instagram.
  • Created Taplink with Facebook Pixel installed to gather the audience, leading to application forms with Yandex commercial products and Yandex online training courses.
  • Tested 33 creatives in targeting ads with a reach of 3.793 million people.
  • Contacted 2,205 bloggers. Made 34 ads with a reach of 1.029 million people.
  • Together with the Yandex team we launched and held a contest for entrepreneurs #yandex_historyyougobiznes, which collected more than 50 cases.
Attracted from the Target 11.1 thousand people
ER = 1–1,5%
Total coverage of more than 6 million people
Attracted from bloggers to the account 28.4 thousand people
Reach Rate = 30–45%
ERR = 3,5–5%
The total number of social actions is more than 40 thousand.
A total of 39.5 thousand people were involved
Advertising coverage 4,759,228 people
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Updated hypothesis
Project manager
content and blogger team management, account management with Yandex, reporting


We calculate all figures in the business (costs, payback, profit) in different scenarios, analyze competitors to form a competing strategy and improve positioning, form a work plan for 1 year

Blogger Relations Manager

account management and placement
Community manager
responses to comments and messages


launch targeting ads + analytics

Graphic designers
Our task was to create a community of experts and build brand communication from the main social networks. We understood that our content had to be as accessible as possible to the Instagram audience.

The guys from the agency helped us to work out the positioning and strategy of the account, and they were comfortable to work with. In the shortest possible time (six months of work) our account had almost 30,000 subscribers involved in our communication.
Head of ad brand and communications at Yandex
Alena Yakaitite
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