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HFE – Hair Transplant Clinic

For three years, the clinic was stagnant. In September 2019, the client set a goal: "To increase profits, sales, and revenues.
The original hypothesis
Before our cooperation, the clinic had already been operating for 11 years, had a 7.6% market share online and competed with the market leader in Russia and Turkish clinics. In the last three years, the clinic was stagnating: there was no growth in sales.
The owner was convinced that this was due to poor ad set-up by the previous team. But we wondered, "Is it really about advertising, and do we need to work with it to increase profits?"
Target audience
All over the world the problem of hair loss is more peculiar to men.

Nevertheless, women also face the problem of male pattern hair loss caused by hormonal imbalance or acquired as a result of illness or injury.

However, the level of the problem in this situation differs for people: it’s one thing for a man to lose his hair after 45, and another thing to be bald at the age of 18−25. For girls, the issue of hair loss is more acute than for men.
Plan for achieving
the goal
We did an analysis on the available market online and figured out the weaknesses in the funnel*:

market — traffic — converter — sales — finance.

*More about our approach
— site conversion
— reaching audiences in new markets
— sales conversion
— business performance
— CTR in advertising
For revenue and profit growth, it is necessary to systematically increase key indicators, guided by numbers and scientific approach


After analysis, we realized that it is not at all about advertising, in the first place we need to work on the conversion to the application, sale and increase the average check.

Conversion to application

2% instead of the current 1%

Conversion to sales

18% (no data were collected before)

Average check

Increase by 30%

Then we projected a sevenfold increase in profits
However, the business goal would not be achievable without a change in customer attitudes toward both the brand and the hair transplant procedure.

Therefore, the solution to the problem required comprehensive measures:
  • the launch of the new positioning;
  • changes in the perception of the procedure;
  • work with online reputation;
  • training and support for the client at all stages of the decision-making process.
What did
  • Implemented CRM.
  • Conducted audience research to find positioning and change the site.
  • Redesigned promotional materials and launched new advertising channels.
  • Assembled a Growth Hacking team. Launching hypotheses in 6 hours.
For us, the key KPIs affecting profit were:
  • increase site conversion (converter);
  • Increasing the conversion rate of the sales department;
  • an increase in the average check by 30%.
Results for 2021
site conversion increased 2.9 times: from 1% to 2.9%
revenue increased by 24.45%
The number of applications increased 4.8-fold, from 290 to 1,419
opened a second clinic in Moscow
the average bill increased by 30%
profit increased - by 60.76%
became the market leader
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So far, the task for us is still to help the staff of the clinic to get used to the CRM and accept the automation of many processes. That's why at the moment only 5% of patients reach sales. Our future goal is to reach 18%, which we are systematically going towards: we are opening a second clinic to handle the flow of patients, training managers and simplifying their work.
The key to the result
Calculating the marketing unit: found weak points in marketing and business
Changing the website and promotional materials
Educating the audience at different levels of decision-making and gradually leading them to a consultation with a physician in the clinic
Launch of new advertising channels
Implement end-to-end analytics and focus on numbers
Changing the team’s mindset: introducing a separate Growth Hacking team
Our approach
Experimented quickly.
We experimented a lot.
We focused on the main metric - profit.
They believed only the data.
We were gaining experience.
Experimented quickly
Experimented a lot
Focused on the main metric - profit
Believed only in the data
Gained experience



Project managers

content and management of the blogging team, account#management with HFE, reporting

Project Administrator


Calculate all figures in business (costs, return on investment, profits) in different scenarios, analyse competitors to develop a competitive strategy and improve positioning, formulate a 1 year work plan


Blogger relations manager

account management and accommodation

Community manager

Responses to comments and messages



launch of targeted advertising + analytics / contextualist

proofreading and correcting errors in texts
Graphic designers
Web Developer
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