Get a marketing plan to double your business revenue 12 months in advance

calculating how much money it will take and how much revenue and profit it will bring. Let’s analyze the market, customers, and competitors.
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Growing Startups
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Situations in which we will be useful to you
There is an existing business, and we need a plan for scaling
There are new ideas, and we need a plan to make a profitable business out of them
Identify growth’s points in the business and plan its development
Identify promising advertising channels and their impact
Create a reliable system in the business for making calculated decisions
Develop a reasoned competitive or leadership defense strategy
Many business owners believe that they should first invest in advertising and then decide what to do next based on the results. They launch what they think are promising advertising channels, spend money on them, and want to evaluate the results after the launch.
But the potential income from the use of advertising channels can be calculated with a high degree of accuracy, without spending a single ruble on advertising. And only after that can you suggest the best option for the business, based on figures and analytics.
That's why we make a marketing plan.
Agency Co-Founder
Grigory Shevchenko
What we will do
Let’s calculate the available market volume in terms of advertising channels to understand how much money can be made in this market.
We will plan a reasoned advertising strategy based on analytics and figures for your market and competition, rather than general trends.
Let’s calculate the investment amount and profit depending on the money invested and the pessimistic, neutral and optimistic scenarios.
Let’s put together a competitive strategy based on direct competitors to understand how to build off of them through marketing positioning and customer service.
Let’s analyze indirect competitors to find the needs of higher-level customers and identify new markets for business expansion.
Research customers in order to determine the most important criteria for consumers to make a purchase decision.
What you get

You will understand, without spending a ruble on advertising, which advertising channel will bring you the most profit and why.
You will understand:
  • who your competitors are (direct and indirect);
  • what they offer to their customers;
  • how you can better build off of them.
A document calculating your business model and highlighting the real key metrics that affect profits. An action plan for working to improve performance at each stage of the marketing funnel in order to grow profits.

Marketplace -> Advertising -> Converter (website + social media) -> Sales Department -> Finance = Profit
You will understand with a financial plan in hand,
  • how much money you need to invest in advertising and the team;
  • how much the business will earn depending on the scenarios (negative, neutral, positive);
  • what risks there are, how to avoid them, what we’ll do if things don’t go according to plan.
What will you need from you?
Meet with our team online or offline
Give us information on the current economics of your business model (average check, margin, costs)
Be in touch during analysis and preparation of financial and project plans
Fill out the necessary forms
How do we work?

Getting to know each other, signing the Agreement and NDA
We ask for all the necessary information about your business:
  • market research, if available;
  • the current % of conversion from display ads to click on the site or social network;
  • the current % of conversion from a click on the site to an order for the sales department;
  • the current % of conversion from an order (lead) to a sale;
  • current financial indicators such as average check, frequency of purchases, margins and costs.
Ask you to provide guest access to your advertising offices.
If any of the aforementioned data is missing, we will do the calculation according to the industry averages that are considered common in your subject (benchmarks). And after the launch, we will replace them with the actual ones and improve them.


We do all the necessary research and prepare financial and project plans.

Deadline: 2 weeks.


We will present the collected data at the meeting and answer any questions. We will also send all the materials described above, so that our team or another team can implement the prepared plan.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum amount of investment in your business that you would need to be able to help us?

Any cooperation begins with a marketing and digital-strategy. Price: $7000. Deadline: 1 month.
Get a quote

When the marketing strategy and financial plan are ready and presented to you, we can begin to implement a plan to increase profits in your business:
  1. Team + advertising budget = $54k-110k. Term = 3−4 months.
  2. Subsequently, the team + advertising budget are funded from the new business profits.
Expected results for the first year of joint work = $172k-$515k of additional net profit.
How much do your services cost?
We estimate the work in hours of specialists who will help your business. The agency’s target profit margin is 25%, which means that you will pay $18k for work that would have cost you $13k if you had organized everything yourself. This is a small markup for 10 years of experience in marketing and digital, for the mistakes our team has paid for, which we have learned from, and for the processes we have set up for working, hiring, training, etc.
What guarantee is there that the predictions will match reality?
In our understanding, the creation and development of a successful business is a technology. In our calculations we rely on our accumulated knowledge and experience, as well as market research, and at the same time we make projections based on the most pessimistic scenario. This greatly narrows the range of businesses that we are willing to work with, but gives very high guarantees. As a result, we can promise to really help businesses increase their revenue and profits.

To simplify things, we can say that our forecasts come true in 9 out of 10 cases. And one case we leave to force majeure, which depends neither on us nor on our client. But taking into account the yield of 100−300% per annum, which we allow to achieve in our business, we consider cooperation with us very profitable and low-risk.
Is it possible to start working with you without such an analysis?
We consciously refused to work with clients without such an analysis. We know for certain that without doing such work, we will lose more later than we will gain.

If you make an analogy, it’s like practicing self-medication without doing the necessary diagnostics and tests. And it’s not very bad if you’re dealing with a conditional runny nose. But to improve the performance of the whole body, we know that acting blindly can not only not help, but even harm.
How do I start working with you?
Send us an application and get a quote. If you’re happy with it, we’ll send you a brief and arrange a joint online meeting.
Can’t find an answer to your question, ask it in the form
We will add all popular and missing answers to the questions in this section.
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Yandex training experts
Instagram account as the basis for future growth of the company's advertising revenue through available outreach channels.

Turn your Instagram account into an effective advertising channel.

  • Tagline Awards 2020-2021. Best special project with bloggers
  • Tagline Awards 2020-2021. Best Tricky Performance
HFE Clinic
How did our joint work with the client help the clinic go from stagnation to steady growth and open a second clinic in Moscow?

We increase the revenue of the hair transplant clinic by 1.5 times, and the profit doubled.
Creating an AR mask
to increase conversions
We doubled the number of requests for free consultation with the help of an AR mask
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Do you want to hire us, are you from the media, or do you plan to work for us?
*Instagram is recognized as an extremist organization in Russia.
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