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by growing their businesses through effective Ads, IT and sales using scientific approaches
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Situations in which we will be useful to you
Increase sales and income in a crisis
We'll find weaknesses, make a plan of action, get the situation out of the way, and increase sales.
Expand an already successful business
If the business is already operating, you are making money, but you want to grow further.
Get the owner out of the operating room
To help decouple the dependence of work and business development from the full immersion of the owner in the process.
Carry out digitalization in the company
Go online, implement CRM, create dashboards of truth about the business and build a system of systematic improvements in performance.
To keep the lead or to outperform the competition
In online channels and in customers' heads. Get more applications, sales, and increase market share.
Get a yield 10 times higher than the bank
Free money invested back into the business will give 100-200% per annum, and deposited, invested in an apartment or shares - only 5-15%.
Not every idea can be developed into a large and profitable business. That’s why we only take on projects where the client invested $100k, we will earn him $200k. For an invested $1m, we’ll earn him $2m, etc.
Agency Co-Founder
Grigory Shevchenko

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You will understand how much you can earn and how much money you need to invest. And you will find out if it will be profitable to work with our team.
Growing Corporations
Growing Startups
Growing Small Businesses
Growing medium-sized businesses
About the agency
Growth-agency is a powerful and at the same time not the first use of the team's talents. The company's current product approach to working with digital products is the result of our experience in building our own startups since 2013.
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Full-service marketing and digital growth agency
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The book "Marketing Strategy. method" is in development. We will send it to the mail as soon as it is ready.
Where do we start?
While you're waiting for the book, watch a video about building marketing strategies.
We recommend watching in 1440p resolution and at x1.5 speed.
The viewing time is 15 minutes.
Developing a holistic strategy
that marketing maximizes business revenue in the long term
Растим малый бизнес
Растим средний бизнес
Растим корпорации
Растим стартапы
Discuss cooperation
Do you want to hire us, are you from the media, or do you plan to work for us?
Our Awards
Tagline Awards 2020–2021:
Best special project with bloggers
Best crafty performance
Our cases
Yandex training experts
Instagram account as the basis for future growth of the company's advertising revenue through available outreach channels.

Turn your Instagram account into an effective advertising channel.

  • Tagline Awards 2020-2021. Best special project with bloggers
  • Tagline Awards 2020-2021. Best Tricky Performance
HFE Clinic
How did our joint work with the client help the clinic go from stagnation to steady growth and open a second clinic in Moscow?

We increase the revenue of the hair transplant clinic by 1.5 times, and the profit doubled.
Creating an AR mask
to increase conversions
We doubled the number of requests for free consultation with the help of an AR mask in the media
How we work with clients


Signing an NDA

We value our reputation and keep all our customers' secrets safe.
Building a marketing and digital strategy

We calculate all the figures in the business (costs, payback, profit) in different scenarios, analyze competitors to form a competing strategy and improve positioning, we form a work plan for 1 year.

Launching the project
In the course of the project, we get the actual values for the indicators in advertising and business and pull them up to the planned, if something goes wrong.
Scale up

Check that the key indicators of the business model do not fall below the rate of return as the advertising budget increases. Build a sustainable business growth team.


Fixing the profit and planning a new cycle

At the end of the year we fix profits for the business and plan for the next working year.
Our Services
Advertising, design, programming, automation - all this you can trust us!

Services that are not integrated into a single system can never work for business growth, so we identify three main requests with which clients come to us.
Get a plan of all marketing and digital work for the next 12 months with an estimate of how much money it will take and how much revenue and profit it will bring. Analyze the market and competitors.
Get an effective system for hiring, training and monitoring the work of your sales team, which will no longer lose deals.
Get a formed and trained team of our people, client employees and third-party contractors, united by the goal of growing revenue and business profits and provided with the exact tools and plan to achieve it.
Get social media businesses as a new channel generating leads and sales for businesses through advertising from bloggers. 15 times more effective than other advertising channels and half the cost.
Frequently Asked Questions
What kinds of businesses do you work with?
Our typical client is an SME (small and medium-sized business), which is already doing well in business, and with our help it will get even better.

If you simplify the characteristics of our customers, these are business owners who have already grown themselves to revenues of $2 million a year (or have the desire and resources to do so) and next year want to grow to $3.5-4 million.

In terms of business types, we have an ethical rule - do not take more than one client from a niche, do not work with forbidden or controversial topics and do not work with those who we know will not be able to help.
How do you work and what services do you provide?
We work as your marketing and development department with a dedicated team. We can build into your current team or do everything ourselves.

Advertising, design, programming, automation - all this you can trust us!
How much do your services cost?
Any cooperation begins with a marketing and digital-strategy. Price: $7000. Term: 1 month. Link to service

When the marketing strategy and financial plan are ready and presented to you, we can begin to implement a plan to increase profits in your business:
  1. Team + advertising budget = $54k-110k. Term = 3-4 months.
  2. Subsequently, the team + advertising budget is funded from the new profits of the business.
Expected results for the first year of joint work = $172k-$515k of additional net profit.
What guarantees?
The agency is not the first use of the team's talents. The current approach to business development and digital product development adopted by the company is the result of both launching their own startups since 2013 and working with major corporations (Russian and international) and experience in winning industry awards.

When we say we will help a business increase revenue and profits, we rely on accurate calculations created during the work of preparing a marketing strategy and financial model for the next 12 months. Read more about the service

In our calculations, we always rely on the pessimistic scenario, believing that the business must be good, even if everything does not go as planned. We prepare a work plan in advance according to the principle "What to do if everything goes wrong.

This cannot be promised to everyone, because not every business can be helped without a radical change in the business model. So we refuse in advance from projects where there is a high risk that we will not be able to help, or it will be too expensive.

You can use the free business model calculator to check your business for the prospects of working together.
How do I start working with you?
Send us an application and get a quote. If you're happy with it, we'll send you a brief and arrange a joint online meeting.
Why is it better to hire an agency than to have employees on staff?
The agency’s target profitability is 25%, which means that you will pay $18k for work that would have cost you $13k if you had organized everything yourself. This is a small markup for 10 years of experience in marketing and digital, for the mistakes our team paid for and learned from, and for the processes we built up for working, hiring, training, etc.
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At first there were two of us
Anastasia Shevchenko
Head and co-founder of the agency
Helping companies become or remain market leaders

  • The first person in the company, about marketing
  • Yandex Training Expert
  • You can contact me by emailing []
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Head and co-founder of the agency
I analyze markets, build marketing strategies

  • I organize professional management of other people’s businesses with the aim of increasing dividends and releasing the owner from operational work
  • Build marketing strategies that take markets away from competitors
  • You can contact me by emailing []

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Traffic and analytics
Influence Managers
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Growing Corporations
Growing Startups
Growing Small Businesses
Growing medium-sized businesses
In psychology there is a well-known rule of 72 hours, according to which, if you have the desire to implement some idea, you must take the first step within three days, otherwise the idea will never come to life.
Co-founder of the agency
Grigory Shevchenko
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Growing Corporations
Growing Startups
Growing Small Businesses
Growing medium-sized businesses