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Increase in applications

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The HFE Clinic is the only clinic in Russia to perform hair transplants using the unique non-surgical HFE method.

At the time we started our cooperation, the clinic had already been operating for 11 years, had a 7.6% market share online and was competing with the market leader in Russia and Turkish clinics. At some point stagnation began: there was no growth in sales and profits.
The agency was tasked with developing a marketing strategy, launching new advertising channels and taking the business out of stagnation.
The set task
We encountered a problem at the very first stage of interaction with bloggers. Hair transplantation is a very delicate procedure. When a blogger found out that he was going to advertise a service he was not supposed to talk about, he refused to get involved.

The only way to work with opinion leaders was by bartering hair transplants (for advertising), with popular people more willing to agree to the procedure itself for money, but refusing advertising hair transplants.

We were faced with the question of how to increase the number of consenting bloggers if no one is willing to promote us?
Together the AREYES team developed an AR mask that allows you to try different hairstyles on yourself. Initially it was created to virally attract subscribers to the account, but after the launch we saw that the high reach of the mask did not attract any subscribers, then we sent this hypothesis to the "Failure" section and began to look for new ways to use it.

We decided to use an AR mask to increase conversions to agree to post. We tell the blogger about the mask and offer to try it on himself and show it to his subscribers.

By doing so, we created an opportunity for bloggers to present a complex, serious topic through a humorous form. Now bloggers don’t have to talk about alopecia, which can’t be treated by anything but a transplant, but can simply show the effect of the mask on themselves and talk about the clinic.
Goals Achieved

The AR mask turned out to be a great way to sell a delicate medical service not only to clients, but also to advertisers. And it also opened up the possibility of advertising to small and medium-sized bloggers, whom we could not go to just with a barter offer. You can influence conversion rates at any stage of the blogger interaction funnel, the main thing is to test more bold hypotheses.


  1. Conversion to acceptance for placement increased from 17% to 30%
  2. The number of applications has doubled
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HFE Clinic
How did our joint work with the client help the clinic go from stagnation to steady growth and open a second clinic in Moscow?

We increase the revenue of the hair transplant clinic by 1.5 times, and the profit doubled.