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Get a profitable sales department that doesn't lose deals

through a fine-tuned system of hiring, training, supervising and restructuring from a personal one-man sales to a multi-tiered sales team.
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Growing Startups
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Situations in which we can be useful to you

You need help in improving the performance (conversion rate) of the sales department
You need help in building a sales plan and daily performance monitoring
You need help hiring new salespeople and training current ones
You need help in building up a motivation system for salespeople
You need help writing sales scripts and training employees
You need help in creating the rules of work and regulations of the sales department
Co-founder of the agency
Gregory Shevchenko
We do believe that business growth assistance, which can be guaranteed with confidence, cannot be achieved in any way without taking responsibility not only for advertising, but also for sales themselves.
Many advertising agencies work exclusively with bids from advertising, but are not responsible for sales in their entirety. As a result, there’s a notorious conflict situation arises: "either the bids are bad, or the sales department loses them."
What we will do

We will make time sample of the current work of salespeople in order to better understand what a salesperson’s time is spent on and how to rebuild the sales department with the highest efficiency in your particular case.
We will form a plan of reforms in the sales department in order to increase its effectiveness, — sales department conversions.

We will create an electronic training system for new salespeople (wikis and recorded videos), we will think over motivation and regulations.

We will hire new salespeople and train existing ones.
We will set up management dashboards with sales plans and reports of each employee (efficiency control).
We will implement changes and achieve an increase in business profits due to the better work of the sales department.
All this can be trusted to us!

What you will get

that doesn't leak bids from advertising
A profitable sales department
that does not require the involvement of the owner
A system of hiring and training new salespeople
the effectiveness of which will no longer depend on "star salespeople"
A multi-level sales department
to keep the whole team in good shape
Weekly trainings of the sales department
in order to always be sure that the sales plan is being implemented or to be able to influence it in time.
A daily monitoring system of sales department indicators
In our experience, it takes 4−6 months to implement all the necessary changes and the right amount of training for salespeople, when we can say that the sales department is now definitely working the way we wanted it to.
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Our cases

Yandex training experts
Instagram account as the basis for future growth of the company's advertising revenue through available outreach channels.

Turn your Instagram account into an effective advertising channel.

  • Tagline Awards 2020-2021. Best special project with bloggers
  • Tagline Awards 2020-2021. Best Tricky Performance
HFE Clinic
How did our joint work with the client help the clinic go from stagnation to steady growth and open a second clinic in Moscow?

We increase the revenue of the hair transplant clinic by 1.5 times, and the profit doubled.

Creating an AR mask
to increase conversions
We doubled the number of requests for free consultation with the help of an AR mask

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